Business description

Journeo plc is the specialist provider of tailored solutions to the transport community, solving complex operational requirements both on and off the vehicle. Through innovation and design, Journeo has developed a market-leading portfolio of solutions specifically created for the challenging environment of today’s public transport industry.

Our consultative and open approach enables us to think creatively and offer solutions built using products from multiple manufacturers. We integrate with legacy systems, we design new solutions and we prepare customers for future technology developments.

Company secretary and registered office

Nick Lowe

Journeo plc
12 Charter Point Way
LE65 1NF
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)203 651 9166

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Admission document and circulars

On 15 April 2005 the Company’s shares were cancelled from the Official List and the Company’s shares commenced trading on AIM. No admission document was published.

There have been no circulars or similar documents issued by the Company during the past twelve months.

Please use the following link to access the Schedule 1 – Pre-admission Announcement which was forwarded to the London Stock Exchange just prior to the Company’s move from the Official List to AIM:

Schedule 1 – Pre-admission Announcement

Connected systems, for connected journeys.