Journeo’s WiFi solutions combine technology to meet passenger expectations, as well as to deliver significant operational and back-office benefits.

Onboard Wi-Fi is no longer seen as a luxury and is often expected by passengers and other stakeholders – not just on long journeys, but increasingly on short commutes.

To ensure as much bandwidth and coverage as possible, Journeo’s WiFi routers and intelligent vehicle gateways use multi-network systems. This also provides as much protection as feasible against network blackspots; if one provider has no coverage of an area, others often will.

For many operators, however, the real benefit is using existing connections to bring onboard data into new cloud-based applications for quick access and easy analysis.

For example, Journeo Transit uses this technology to connect CCTV, CANBus, APC and other data into a lightweight, browser-based platform. With live-view video access, remote condition monitoring and secure data/footage storage and sharing options, this can dramatically increase vehicle performance while minimising maintenance and downtime.

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Bus On-Board WiFi


  • Leverage proven and reliable connectivity.
  • Analyse data on passenger travel and network usage.
  • Integrate with other onboard systems to unlock significant benefits.
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Protecting First Bus against fraudulent claims

Connected systems, for connected journeys.

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Connected systems, for connected journeys.