Our software and systems provide you with fresh insights to help drive faster, more informed decisions, based on accurate, real-time information.

Breaking down proprietary boundaries

A constantly evolving transport system demands flexible solutions in order to deliver ‘connected vehicles’ that integrate into wider IoT networks.

This is why our solutions are built using recognised industry standards, like ITxPT, and our software is open architecture by design. This allows your existing systems and the latest technology technology to deliver new benefits, whilst you avoid the trap of proprietary or closed systems.

Enabling truly connected solutions

Our solutions are extremely scalable and can connect all on-vehicle systems, including CCTV, next-stop announcement, passenger information, CANBus, passenger WiFi, driver displays and automatic passenger counting systems.

We provide access to critical data from these systems through the Journeo Portal. Using the Journeo Transit module in the Portal,  users can see at-a-glance information about the applications that they have subscribed to, track their vehicles and, where appropriate, add data layers on the real time map such as service levels, passenger occupancy or even click to view live CCTV.

Integrating with back-office operations

We use powerful machine leaning and on-board software to manage complex, simultaneous information processing tasks, whilst minimising data transmission costs in our secure, end-to-end cloud platform.

This makes it easy to access and share critical information with teams and stakeholders. From providing video evidence to the police and insurance teams, without having to visit a vehicle, to sharing vehicle health status and real-time passenger occupancy data with drivers and transport planning teams.

For those operators who have advanced back-office systems, we provide a range of powerful APIs to seamlessly integrate with your environment in the way that suits your organisation best.

Connected bus fleets
Connected bus fleets
Connected bus fleets


  • Transform on-vehicle and back-office capabilities.
  • Access live video.
  • Download and share CCTV footage without visiting a vehicle.
  • Monitor systems remotely.
  • Receive immediate alerts on health status.
  • See real-time occupancy information.
case study
European Bus System of the Future delivered for Keolis

Connected systems, for connected journeys.

Technology and products

Explore our range of innovative technologies and products to find out how we deliver connected journeys.

Remote Condition Monitoring
Monitor the health of your onboard systems.
Video Management
Access live view, remote download and secure sharing features.
Passenger Count
Use data to make immediate decisions.
Reassure passengers and combat fraudsters.
Journeo services

Services and support

Our industry-leading knowledge and expertise enable us to design and supply the very best solutions. Across entire transport networks, we combine our experience and understanding to meet the unique operational challenges faced by the transport industry.

From consultative design to existing system maintenance, find out how we can support you.

Connected systems, for connected journeys.