Journeo’s next-stop announcement and on-vehicle infotainment systems provide clear information to make passenger journeys easier and safer, combining route data with safety messaging, advertising and service details.

Next-stop announcement displays, and other forms of on-vehicle passenger information, are an important technology for improving confidence in public transport, as well as accessibility and general customer satisfaction.

Our solution not only gives passengers accessible real-time information, but also gives operators opportunities to display advertising campaigns and specific content. This includes video and interactive media, as well as geo-fenced content which ensures that customers receive the right message at the right time.

Next stops, total journey times and points of interest are easily highlighted to passengers. With customisable templates, Journeo’s solution can deliver for your specific needs and also be integrated into other systems to create a connected and intelligent vehicle.

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Bus next stop announcement display


  • Improve passenger confidence.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improve bus service accessibility.
  • Diversify advertising opportunities.
  • Add service and emergency information when required.
  • Integrate with audio announcements and hearing loops.
case study
Dramatic increase in passenger comfort for Keolis Orléans

Connected systems, for connected journeys.

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Connected systems, for connected journeys.