Our core capabilities have developed through practical experience in creating market-leading solutions for the unique requirements of the transport community.

Key resources

Engineering excellence
Our people and culture are aligned to the  needs of our customers. The importance of our solutions in the day-to-day operations of our customers informs our actions. Our customers demand engineering excellence, and this is at the heart of our expertise.

Technology leadership
We support our customers’ legacy systems, today’s new purchases and tomorrow’s strategic direction. We have a 360° view of the technology relevant to our customers and the capability to develop products and software that meet the transport community’s unique requirements.

Affinity with customers
Like our customers, we have a long-term commitment to the transport sector. We are specialists and understand the importance of creating solutions that are leading-edge but also durable and cost-effective over the long term.

Third-party relationships
We are key members of the transport ecosystem and work inclusively
and collaboratively with industry complementors to deliver the solutions required by our customers.


Engineering services
A full spectrum service including design and through to installation, management and field support services.

Technology provider
We combine a deep understanding of customer needs with our Research and Development capabilities to create innovative, new, open-platform products and software solutions that increase performance and decrease costs for our customers.

Support services
We provide vital services to our customers, delivering best practices and processes to enable them to deliver efficient and consistent results for their customers.

Competitive advantage

Open technology
We leverage industry standards, enabled by our own IP, to ensure we can support legacy solutions directly alongside the latest technology solutions.

Bespoke solutions from core technology
The flexibility of our technology enables Journeo to deploy the same core technology across both on- and off-board technology  solutions, adapted to its use case.

Long product lifecycle
The longevity of our Journeo solutions enables us to maintain  customer relationships for longer and create a barrier to entry for new entrants.

Installation and servicing
Our expertise enables us to support our customers for the full lifecycle of the solutions that we install, further embedding Journeo into our customers’ operations.

Diversifed income streams

Solutions sales into vehicle fleets and passenger transport infrastructure.

Integrated sales creating new converged solutions from previously
disparate or closed technologies and applications.

Know-how and IP sales enhancing legacy systems by driving additional value from the systems our customers have already invested in.

Design, installation, services and support assuring high performance and reliability across the total lifecycle for our customers.

Managed solutions providing our customers with total peace of mind.

Journeo plc is a leading Intelligent Transport Systems provider, delivering solutions in towns, cities, airports and the public transport networks that connect them.

We are a leading provider of Intelligent Transport Systems, supporting customers to deliver operational enhancements and make public transport safer, more sustainable, more attractive to  passengers and the de facto choice for journeys of all types.

Through the acquisition of Infotec and MultiQ in January and September 2023 respectively, we have strengthened our manufacturing and rail capabilities, widened the customer base and extended our access to the Nordics beyond the market previously addressable by our Fleet Systems and Passenger Systems businesses.

We focus on two market segments, Passenger Transport Infrastructure Systems and Fleet Operator Systems.

Passenger Transport Infrastructure Systems

We supply passenger information systems to organisations that manage and operate transport networks, such as Passenger Transport Executives, Network Rail and local authorities.

Our strategy of combining engineering services, partnerships with complementary industry specialists and our own latest generation of industry-specific solutions has produced a powerful competitive  advantage for large and complex infrastructure projects.

Fleet Operator Systems

We supply safety and information systems to bus, rail, rail freight,  lightrail and specialist vehicle operators, as well as integrated solutions to enclosed transport operations, at locations such as airports.

Our solutions tend to be provisioned at a fleet-wide level rather than individual vehicles. UK bus is currently our largest market where the main drivers for revenue are the systems for new vehicles, the  fleetwide adoption of new technology to meet operational needs and ongoing services to the fleet.

Financial summary results for the months to 31 December 2023

Continuing operations 2023
Revenue 46,092 21,123 15,592 13,605 11,402
Gross profit 14,310 7,769 6,023 5,301 4,539
Underlying profit before tax 4,284 1,158 634 464 (777)
Profit / (loss) before tax 3,973 1,113 409 193 (948)
Profit / (loss) before tax (excluding share based payments) 4,044 951 458 309 (948)
Cash and cash equivalents 8,116 533 1,096 1,254 725
Diluted earnings per share 17.96p 9.80p 4.46p 2.26p (1.08p)

For further financial information please read our latest annual report.

Connected systems, for connected journeys.