• Keolis Sweden wanted to adopt the EBSF standard for 120 vehicles

  • Standard paves the way for all on-board systems to work on a common platform

“21st Century technology being our preferred supplier was a logical choice to configure the Gothenburg buses’ on-board systems.” Karl Orton, Technical Director, Keolis Sverige AB

Customer requirements

Keolis Sweden wished to adopt the European Bus System for the Future (EBSF) for their 120 new buses.

The EBSF standard dictates that all on-board IT systems should work across a common platform, paving the way for a future of plug and play systems on public service vehicles.

Solution and technology

The solution required that fleet had to be configured with on-board surveillance and safety systems meeting those of the Västtrafik Passenger Transport Authority (PTA).

21st Century, already a preferred supplier for Keolis, met the PTA’s requirements, combined data across the on-board systems into one management platform, and insured the new

systems were flexible enough to accommodate any future changes.

The project was a close collaboration with PilotFish Networks, a provider of on-board communication platforms used by PTAs and Public Transport Operators to simplify cabling and antennas using inbuilt GSM / GPS capability.

By adopting EBSF protocols, making sure the installation was aligned with the EBSF electrical

connections, and sharing of antennas, 21st Century ensured that the on-board video

surveillance technology could be integrated into a common communications platform for the transfer of systems diagnostics and video files.



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