• Keolis Orléans wanted to improve the comfot of passengers on 146 of its vehicles

  • Results show a dramatic increase in passenger comfort

“21st Century’s systems developers have integrated EcoManager with all our IT systems. It is so important to have our suppliers working in the same direction.” Alexandre Magny, Bus and Coach Innovation Project Leader, Keolis France

Customer requirements

Keolis France intended to improve passenger comfort in its Orléans buses and decided to install EcoManager into 146 vehicles.

Branded KonfortManager, the system enhances driver’s skills by giving the instant feedback on driving style.

Solution and technology

EcoManager hardware connects directly into the CANBus, enabling the unit to collect data on the current driving style, including harsh acceleration events, heavy breaking incidents and G-force when cornering. The data is then fed back to both the driver, via the in-cab display, and to EcoManagers cloud based reporting system.

Effective driver training and use of the online reports can be utilised to enhance driving styles and passenger comfort.

Early calculations have shown almost a 60% increase in passenger comfort since installing EcoManager.

21st Century insured that EcoManager was integrated with all of Keolis’s IT systems. Installations were carried out overnight and at weekends to avoid disruption to bus services.

The total project took less than 12 months from orderplacement to installation. Keolis has rolled the solution out to a number of depots across France, including Amiens and one in Lille, where nearly 300 more vehicles will be fitted in 2014.




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