21st Century Passenger Systems, part of Journeo plc, has launched a range of completely off-grid displays that provide passenger information at any bus stop location. Powered by batteries, or a combination of battery and solar cells, the signs can operate for between three and seven years, depending on the model, before any maintenance is required.

The ultra-low-power RTPI displays provide detailed journey information, showing both real time and scheduled data alongside emergency messages, but use e-paper technology to keep power consumption to a minimum. Unlike LCD or LED signage, they do not draw power all the time, just when information is updated.

The new displays not only use considerably less power than traditional TFT or LED displays but are also much more environmentally friendly in their construction; when it reaches the end of its working life, the solar-powered model is almost entirely recyclable.

They can be quickly installed on any existing pole making them a great way to deliver real time passenger information to rural or underserved areas at minimum cost and maximum sustainability. The signs also connect seamlessly to 21st Century’s EPI content management system, the RTPI and CMS solution of choice for many of UK’s leading local transport authorities.

Russ Singleton, Chief Executive of Journeo plc, commented: “There is a genuine and strong demand for transport networks to make sure that all communities can access real time passenger information, regardless of their location. Indeed, the National Bus Strategy for England identifies the provision of at-stop information as key to giving passengers and potential bus users the confidence to choose public transport time and time again.”

He continued: “We are very proud of these new displays, which give local transport authorities a way to provide accurate travel information whilst minimising their environmental impact. There isn’t anything else available to local transport authorities that provides these levels of flexibility and sustainability, and we see a great future for these solutions.”

Connected systems, for connected journeys.