In a contract that extends up to 6 years, MultiQ and Grassfish will deliver and develop infotainment services for approximately 1,000 buses and several hundred departure boards in the Skåne region for Skånetrafiken AB.

In a strategic move to enhance passenger experience, Grassfish has forged a partnership with MultiQ, specializing in intelligent transport solutions. This collaboration aims to maintain nearly 3,000 infotainment displays across Skåne, ensuring seamless journeys for travelers utilizing Skånetrafiken’s services.

In the years to come, MultiQ and Grassfish will focus on delivering cutting-edge infotainment services for approximately 1,000 buses and numerous departure boards within the Skåne region for Skånetrafiken AB. MultiQ will leverage its expertise to provide content management platform technical services, on-site engineering and support, while Grassfish will continue to drive innovation through its CMS platform and concept development for the solution.

This partnership marks a continuation of the longstanding relationship between Grassfish and MultiQ, aimed at supporting Skånetrafiken’s commitment to providing sustainable transportation solutions for residents, workers, and travelers throughout the region. For Grassfish, it underscores their role as a key supplier to Skånetrafiken, while for MultiQ, recently acquired by Journeo plc, it represents a significant strategic move within the Swedish transport market.

Ann Hjelte, CEO at Grassfish, commented: “We are proud that Skånetrafiken once again appoints Grassfish as partner and platform provider to enhance the experience for travellers in the region. During the coming contract period, we are pleased that we will work in a strategic partnership with MultiQ and Journeo, who adds industry-specific expertise within ITS. By this, we can focus on our software delivery together with the Infotainment concept.”

Mads Hansen, MD of MultiQ, added: “The agreement with Grassfish for the operation of infotainment and departure boards for Skånetrafiken in the Skåne region, offers very good prospects for our growth and expansion opportunities in Sweden, as it provides direct access to a number of new customers. In addition to this, I am sure our ongoing partnership with Grassfish will bring a lot more opportunities in the future.”

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