• 500 vehicles in multiple depots around Stockholm

  • 21st Century installed Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) and mobile video surveillance on all buses

  • Demonstrated more accurate passenger counting after APC was installed

The counting technology provides a high degree of accuracy and requires no manual intervention.” Kjell Strandljung, Technical Manager, Arriva Sweden

Customer requirements

Arriva Sweden requested Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) to be retrofitted to 500 buses at multiple depot locations throughout Stockholm to improve the accuracy of passenger numbers.

21st Century were required to complete the project in conjunction with the installation of new mobile CCTV systems.

Solution and technology

The 21st Century projects and engineering team liaised with Arriva to install the systems at times most convenient for the operator, to minimise vehicle-off-road time.

Since the installation Arriva was able to demonstrate more accurate numbers and increased its revenue by demonstrating growing passenger volumes.

21st Century installed APC with over-door active infra-red sensors that cater for different width

doorways and any number of entry / exit points. Surveillance systems were fitted to all new vehicles and in the refurbished buses mobile surveillance was tested and upgraded where necessary.

After finishing the project, inspection visits are scheduled in order to maintain the high operating levels that users of this technology require.



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