The cloud capabilities have not only assisted with remote working, but by integrating with passenger counting technologies it is proving invaluable in maintaining social distancing on board. 

Journeo Transit is a single, cloud-based platform, that enables users to access operation-critical information on any system connected through a Journeo Edge on-vehicle gateway. The open-platform technology allows 21st Century to deliver enhancements on multiple manufacturer’s technologies. 

Users are reaping the operational benefits of systems connected to the cloud through Journeo.  CCTV footage is downloaded over 3G/4G without engineers ever having to visit the vehicle. It also significantly reduces the cost of retrieving footage from vehicles and the built-in system status identifies faults instantly, ensuring that footage is available. 

Russ Singleton, Chief Executive of 21st Century, said: We are all working hard to assist our customers with the enormous challenges that they face.   

“The Journeo technology has proven to be invaluable in its functionality and flexibility.  Because it is manufacturer agnostic, it can integrate with all the major on-board systems, providing valuable data at a time when information really is king.” 

As fleets grow, so does the technology installed within them and fleet operators can often find themselves with a varied set of CCTV technology. The Journeo Agnostic Video Management System application enables users to remotely download footage from Timespace, Synectics, Hikvision, TransVu and R2P Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). The user simply requests the footage and the download will commence as long as the bus remains powered. Any interruptions in the download such as a power event will simply see the download resume once power to the DVR is re-established. 

Completed downloads are held in the secure and scalable Azure-based EvidenceSafe, with strict user access protocols restricting access to footage, ensuring only those whose roles require them to have access to the footage can view and download it. The platform allows users to review the footage online and, if ready to do so, download the footage securely alongside playback tools.   

A full audit trail of the footage, including which users have accessed the footage is included with each evidence pack download, giving users full access to the footage, without ever having to visit a bus. 

Users are also able to know, in real time, the health of their CCTV estate thanks to the Remote Condition Monitoring Application.   

The Journeo Edge on-vehicle gateway audits connected components of the CCTV system, down to camera level, as the vehicle starts. This information is relayed to the Journeo platform and the Edge device continues to audit systems continuously throughout the day. Crucially, however, only health status change events are reported to the back office to ensure data usage remains low. 

Users are alerted through the platform should any system develop a fault and alerts can also be distributed via email or via API to third party systems, allowing operators to schedule repair works. 

By integrating Journeo with passenger counting technologies, operators can also know their vehicle occupancy in real time, providing crucial information to assist with social distancing.   

The Journeo Edge device connects to on-board passenger counting sensors to relay the occupancy data to the cloud. Information can either be viewed in real time via the real time map, or historical data can be reviewed through stop and service utilisation reports. The platform is also able to distribute occupancy information to other third parties, allowing operators and authorities to display the data over a host of platforms. 

 Architected on true-cloud technology, the platform is fully scalable, allowing operators to set up multi-level organisational structures by depot and operating company, restricting access of stored data only to those who need it. The secure platform ensures that all data is held in the UK, with auto-failover and Geo-replicated services, to mitigate against any risk of down time. 

Connected systems, for connected journeys.