Responding to the quickly evolving COVID-19 crisis, 21st Century Passenger Systems, a Journeo company, is focussing on getting key messages out to passengers on behalf of local authorities and passenger transport executives.

With major disruption as a result of COVID-19 and bus operators amending timetables to reflect their reduced services, team members from the passenger information specialist are working around the clock to get as much reliable information to passengers as possible. 

Saff Riaz, National Sales Manager for 21st Century Passenger Systems, commented: “As many of the UK’s key workers rely on public transport to get them where they need to be, it is vital that the transport information available to them is relevant and accurate. Which is why we are supporting with media content updates during the lockdown to help keep people safe while travelling, free of charge.” 

Customers have used Journeo’s Content Management System (CMS), EPI to provide information of timetable disruption and COVID-19 public health information, reinforcing Government guidelines on when it is appropriate to use public transport and giving those who need it access to the latest available information. The company is also providing free webinars to customers on how to control messaging and advertising campaigns during the pandemic. 

One of the first authorities to make use of the updates was Worcestershire County Council.  

Matt Stone, Transport Systems and Technology Manager for Worcestershire County Council, commented: “The team at 21st Century quickly designed the content along with full-screen and split-screen adverts on our digital signage, to alert the public to only use public transport when it was absolutely necessary and to observe the recommendations of the NHS and Public Health England. 

“The flexibility of the system has allowed us to display relevant information to the public rapidly and target specific areas where we see the most footfall, such as bus stations and interchanges. We will also be using the displays to give our own message of thanks, during the Thursday applause.” 

Saff Riaz, National Sales Manager for 21st Century Passenger Systems went on to say, “With an ever-evolving situation, operators have had to amend timetables at a rate that would be difficult to achieve even in optimum conditions.  

Our customers have been working closely with operators to ensure real time systems and on-street display signage keeps up with the fast-moving situation. 

They have found real benefit in the ability to support those changes with messaging, advising passengers of the reason for the change and what they can do to help.  

Giving passengers the information that they need is always important – but even more so in times of disruption.” 

As the situation has stabilised, 21st Century has also been supporting authorities updating timetable information, allowing the new schedules to be displayed and real time information to be overlaid where available. 

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