• FFCCTV assists in a faster and more efficient investigation of incidents and near misses

  • Enables operators to view and download live and recorded video footage remotely via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi

  • The FFCCTV solution is designed with full HD quality images

The ability to offload the imagery remotely, and in real time, has led to much faster response times for incidents such as SPADs and near misses. We value the system and are actively seeking to expand our on-train CCTV deployment.” Richard Ellis-Edwards, Fleet Project Manager, CrossCountry

Customer requirements

TOCs and FOCs are always looking for cost-effective solutions to minimise disruptions to their timetables. The ability to quickly and efficiently offload high quality footage for review can deliver notable improvements to reducing delays and schedule adherence.

Solution and technology

21st Century was one of the first companies to design and install a FFCCTV solution that provided full HD quality images (1920 x 1080p) for its customers.

Operators are now able to view footage live and download it remotely via the 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network. The system provides an interface with Nomad Digital and Icomera on-board systems. It also offers I/O inputs for integration with other vehicle systems, masking and GPS/Fleet Monitoring.

The system provides an option for British Transport Police and Network Rail to retrieve video footage remotely, making evidence gathering more efficient. It ensures that train operations can be resumed as soon as possible after an incident. 

The system also utilises Remote System Health Status Monitoring and can provide TOCs and FOCs reassurance of system’s daily operational status.

The FFCCTV system is also utilised to monitor potential criminal activity, near misses/close calls, vandalism, bridge strikes, track inspections, route learning, shunting/depot incidents, SPADs, driver training and to provide evidence on driver reported incidents when required.



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