A new partnership announced today will ramp up the deployment of advanced air filtration devices in public transport to kick start the industry’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

21st Century Fleet Systems, part of Journeo plc, the public transport technology solutions specialist, is teaming up with air quality management experts AirLabs, in an exclusive UK partnership for the distribution of AirLabs’ advanced air filtration technology – the AirBubbl. The market-leading device has been scientifically proven to remove more than 99% of airborne viruses and contaminated particulate matter and can be deployed in public transport vehicles to remove airborne coronavirus particles and air pollution, protecting passengers and drivers.

The agreement will open up access for the AirBubbl device to 21st Century’s portfolio of industry leading customers, including the UK’s largest transport operators such as Arriva, FirstGroup, Go-Ahead Group and National Express, as well as regional operators such as Sullivan Buses and social enterprise groups such as the HCT Group.

With more than half of respondents in a recent survey from Transport Focus saying that coronavirus has made them rethink how they will use public transport, the technology can play a key role in reassuring the public that it is safer to travel.

The AirBubbl floods the vehicle with over 37,000 litres of clean air every hour, creating a clean air breathing zone to keep drivers and passengers safe. The AirBubbl is equally effective at removing air pollution, including harmful ozone gases, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ultrafine particle pollutants (PM10, PM2.5 and smaller) playing a vital role in protecting drivers and passengers long after the pandemic has passed.

Advanced air filtration technology like the AirBubbl is a crucial element in getting passengers back into work and school safely, by reducing the risk of airborne transmission of coronavirus on mass transit. Airborne coronavirus transmission has been recognised as a key route of infection by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who both recently updated their guidance on the airborne threat of coronavirus following growing evidence of transmission via coronavirus particles suspended in air.

The AirBubbl is already being deployed across the globe by transport operators looking to add a critical layer of protection for passengers and drivers against airborne coronavirus and air pollution. It has been installed in a range of vehicles, including public and private buses, coaches, minibuses, patient transport vehicles, community transport buses, taxis and private cars.

Stuart Walker, Head of Product Marketing, Transport at AirLabs said: “The AirBubbl is a scientifically proven technology that has been rigorously tested for its effectiveness and is successfully being deployed by transport operators around the world, protecting drivers and passengers from airborne coronavirus and air pollution. Journeo’s industry expertise and well-established base of customers make them the perfect partner for us to bring our market-leading technology to transport operators across the UK as we look to rapidly expand our distribution.”

Mark Johnson, Director of Fleet Systems at Journeo said: “We’ve seen a huge demand from our customers for tried and tested solutions that will help improve customer confidence in public transport and get the industry back on track as it recovers from the pandemic. We have chosen to add the AirBubbl to our portfolio of in-vehicle technology solutions, to provide our customers with scientifically proven technology that they can trust.”

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