21st Century Technology, the specialist provider of CCTV and monitoring systems to fleet and network operators in the bus and rail industries, has been awarded a new contract with a technology supplier to provide advanced CCTV services to 125 integrated and connected vehicle systems.

While small in terms of financial value the contract represents a breakthrough as it gives 21st Century Technology the opportunity to demonstrate its expertise to a new customer which currently boasts approximately 3,400 vehicles in its fleet. 

The services provided under the contract encompass advanced on-board technology for mobile communication, positioning, driver performance, vehicle monitoring, CCTV and automatic passenger counting (APC) systems. 

Russ Singleton, Chief Executive at 21st Century Technology, added: “The Group has been operating for many years in the Nordic region, and this is the first time we have been able to work with Nobina. With the project due to be completed by July 2015, we will have the chance to show our capability to both manage and deliver high quality services in compressed timescales.” 

Connected systems, for connected journeys.