The company has had many years of experience in supplying and installing IP camera technology in Sweden, and has been undergoing trials with UK fleet operators to show the benefits of migrating to high-definition IP cameras. 

As a market-leading systems integrator, 21st Century Technology offers a range of systems, including full IP, analogue and hybrid systems, that take the best from both types of technology; the superior quality of full HD IP cameras in areas of increased operational requirement, and the reduced cost of analogue cameras in areas of lower risk. 

Hybrid systems also carry the benefit of often requiring fewer cameras than traditional analogue systems as IP cameras can monitor a larger area and have a far greater clarity when zooming in on downloaded footage. 

The falling cost IP technology is also fuelling interest. For many years prices have often prohibited operators from moving their fleets over to the superior image-capturing equipment. This, and the reduced maintenance requirements associated with the rationalised infrastructure requirement of IP technology, is starting to make upgrading to the latest CCTV technology a real consideration for UK operators. 

Mark Johnson, Divisional Director for 21st Century Technology, commented: “21st Century Technology is using its experience to show UK customers the benefits of moving to IP and hybrid systems, and, so far, the results have been resoundingly positive, especially relating to the clarity of the footage that can be obtained through a rationalised infrastructure”. 

Connected systems, for connected journeys.