An intrepid team of 8 colleagues, including two last-minute substitutes, due to injuries, has raised over £1,600 and the money is still rolling in. 

The team chose KSS Air Ambulance because it has a special significance for Chairman Mark Elliott and his wife Claire. The Air Ambulance sent a specialist medical team to attend their son George, who sadly was unable to be saved. However, his swift treatment did mean that his wish to be an organ donor was fulfilled and now many others are leading a life again thanks to George. So far Mark and his wife have raised £65k in George’s name. 

KSS Air Ambulance is a vital service that is funded purely by charitable donations. The costs for operating such a much-needed service are significant.  Each flight costs an average of £2,500 and the specialist night-vision enabled helmets cost over £15,000. 

The 21st Century Run Gatwick finishers were Mark Johnson, Sarah Glozer, Toni Hirst, Michelle O’Neill, Darren Maher and Owain Bridges, with last minute substitutes Jason De’Nousse and Ben Coe.  

21st Century’s CEO Russ Singleton commented: “I am so proud of this team. Everyone trained so hard. The Air Ambulance provides a vital service yet relies entirely on donations in order to continue its life-saving work. We are delighted to have been able to make a difference.” 

Readers can find out more about the charity at

21st Century would also like to congratulate Matthew Lale, Passenger Transport Manager for Hertfordshire County Council for his recent completion of the London Marathon. Matthew ran the 26.2 mile course in 5 hours 54 minutes, raising in excess of £2,300 for his chosen charity, Sense. You can learn more about Sense, that do vital work for persons with hearing and visual impairments here: 

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