The modular platform installed on this innovative vehicle provides passenger wifi, HD CCTV, passenger counting ‎and dual/single media screens all connected over an ethernet network sharing communications, antennas and vehicle signals.

All systems can be remotely accessed and configured allowing for fast access to information such as live cctv and changes to media content.

Mark Johnson Director of Fleet Systems, comments “We’ve also added Android screens into the driver’ cab area and work with a number of application providers to use it as a multi-purpose device showing, for example, CCTV, electronic first-use, messaging and driver performance data.

“This system follows our principle of introducing open systems into operators using the framework of ITxPT.”

21st Century will also be introducing customers to their new range of low-power solar and E-ink displays, delivered by their Passenger Systems team.

The new off-board information displays have all the functionality of standard displays but the added benefit of using a free and renewable energy source, giving local authorities a cost saving whilst simultaneously being better for the environment.